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Ordinary Magic - Melissa

“Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it.” ~Roald Dahl

The innocence of childhood is truly magical. It is one of my favorite things about the amazing little ones that I get to spend my days with. The thing is, I believe that we are all born with that unwavering belief in magic. I know for myself that when I was a child I truly believed in every Disney movie I watched. I believed that there was really a “Hundred Acre Wood” where Winnie the Pooh and all of his friends lived. I believed that Mary Poppins was a real person. I was an avid reader and I used to pretend that I knew Mowgli and lived in the Jungle Book with my cousins. I truly believed that somewhere in England there was a magical wardrobe that would transport you to Narnia. I think in some ways that formed me into the teacher that I am now. And to be honest, I love that I never know what kind of adventure awaits me when I walk in the door of Bright Ideas. We could be going for a treasure hunt and digging up a treasure chest out back that some old pirate buried on our playground. We could spend an hour or more building castles with magnet tiles and imagining who would live there. We could be discussing the ins and outs of the apparently very complex story of Elsa and Anna from Frozen. One of my favorite games that the kids play on the playground is “Marlo the Mermaid”. One of our particularly imaginative friends created this whole world where Marlo the blue mermaid is the bad guy but he can’t come onto the playground. Outside the fence is under the sea and he has to keep out and if he happens to cross the boundary they have to catch him and kick him out. It was so funny to have a front row seat and see them create this whole imaginary world, remember what they played the day before and then continue the story all on their own. It was so adorable to watch them “protecting their playground” and working together as a team to create their own story. Marlo was first imagined in August and I saw the kids playing that game just last week. Whatever we do, we do it with the awareness that for our friends, the sense of wonder and imagination with which they view everything, is the most precious thing in their young lives.

As adults it is so easy for us to get bogged down by the details of ordinary life. We all have bills to pay, families to care for, and a thousand things to do. That’s why I treasure the little moments throughout my day when all of that stuff falls away and I get to put it aside even if it’s for a short conversation with one of my little friends. Those are the moments that matter and at the end of the day, they are the most important. There will always be a new mess to clean, a diaper to change, or paper to fill out. The one thing that does not wait is time.

2019 was a very difficult year for me personally. My family and I experienced some very big losses. In the midst of all of that, the place that I most wanted to be was with my Bright Ideas family. Every single little one that is a part of my class truly means a lot to me. And my co workers, they’re my second family. We don’t just take care of the physical needs of our

kids, or just their academic ones. We help raise kids. And speaking for myself, I do it from the perspective that if you look hard enough for magic, you will find it.

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