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Growing Up Grogan - Melissa G.

Growing up in the Grogan house could be described as fun, crazy, hectic, wild, but simply wonderful. Being one of four kids, we always had something going on, whether it was a school event, sporting event, birthday parties, or having friends over. Having siblings that were all around my age made everything much more fun.

We didn’t just go to the same preschool, middle school, and high school, or play on the same sports teams. We shared friends, we worked together at our first jobs, we went on our first dates together, we even went to college together. Most importantly, we enjoyed spending time together. Like all siblings, we fought. We fought over games, over who is better at whatever we were doing, over clothes, over who got to hold the dogs’ leash on family walks, and of course over who got the front seat on the way to practices or the store. After the pointless fights, someone would always say “I wish I was an only child!” We of course would get the lecture from one of our parents saying “don’t say that, take that back.” Now that we are all much older, we look back to when that was our “famous line,” and know we never meant it.

There weren't many big arguments between all four of us throughout the years but one time I remember us getting into an argument, we were probably around the ages of 7,6,5 and 3, on a family vacation in Florida. I can picture us all in the car, my oldest brother and younger sister were sitting in the first round of seats and my other older brother and I were in the “way backseat,” or so we called it. We had just dropped our mom off at the hairdresser. We were going to get gas and drive around with our dad while we waited for her to be done. My brother and I were arguing over something and we were screaming. My dad pulled into the gas station and turned around and said with his stern voice “If you two don’t stop fighting you will not be coming to Disney with us tomorrow and I will drop you off at Grandma’s and Grandpa’s.” No one would want to stay at Grandma and Grandpa’s house rather than going to Disney World. We said under our breath “I wish I was an only child,” and then stopped talking until we picked up our mom. I don’t remember what the argument was about, but I remember how mad my dad was, and how scared we were going to miss a Disney trip.

Working with the kiddos reminds me of my childhood. It is so fun to watch the games they all play while on the playground, and how they look out for each other. The kiddos who have their siblings with them at school have such a special bond. They’re always excited to see each other, whether it’s over the gate looking into the infant room or the toddler room, sitting next to each other at lunch, or dancing together at the dance parties. They have their built-in best friend to check in with during the day. We have many sets of siblings at school. I remember when the youngest of two sisters moved out into the preschool room. The older sister was so excited. She showed her what the Preschoolers do every day and she always makes sure that her sister is playing with her friends. They get so excited about dance parties as they dance together and sing along to the songs. Teaching these kiddos brings back memories of my childhood that I will cherish forever. I know first hand how much fun siblings can be, and also how much they may make you wish you were an only child. But that wish is only for a minute. Your siblings know exactly how to push your buttons, but also will be there for you no matter what in the end.

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