Our Cedarville location opened in 2009! We are licensed for 32 children. 20 Preschoolers, 9 Toddlers and 3 Infants. We have an open floor plan that allows the staff and students to connect and create relationships!

Click here to learn more about our Cedarville location, located off exit 3, rt 3 at 12 Hedges Pond Rd.

Our Camelot Park location opened in August of 2020! We are currently licensed for 44 children, and continuing to expand that number! We currently have a Preschool classroom of 20, Toddler class of 9, Infant/ Toddler class of 8, and an Infant room with 7. We are working hard to open up more classrooms to be able to care for more families! 

Click here to learn more about our Camelot Park location, located off exit 13, rt 3 at 14 Mary B Lane.