March 2021

Camelot Park

3/1-5 Dr. Seuss (letter Dd)

3/8-12 Weather (Letter Uu)

3/15-19 St. Patricks Day (Letter Ll)

3/22-26 Spring Changes (Letter Rr)

3/28-4/2 Easter (Letter Ee)

4/5-9 Flowers (Letter Ww)

4/12-16 Life Cycles (Letter Nn)

4/19-23 Earth Day

4/26-30 Baby Animals (Letter Yy)

Hedges Pond

3/1-5 Dr. Seuss (letter Pp)

3/8-12 Spring Changes (Letter Qq)

3/15-19 St. Patricks Day (Letter Rr)

3/22-26 Weather (Letter Ss)

3/28-4/2 Easter (Letter Tt)

4/5-9 Baby Animals (Letter Uu)

4/12-16 Flowers (Letter Vv)

4/19-23 Earth Day

4/26-30 Life Cycles (Letter Ww)

Monthly Newsletter
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Upcoming closures

Monday, April 19th                    Patriots Day

Monday, May 31                         Memorial Day      

My family has loved Bright Ideas Childcare since the moment we stepped into the building, nearly 4 years ago. The staff is wonderful, the kids are always happy and well-cared for, and the overall atmosphere is so positive. Can't say enough great things about Bright Ideas!

                                                             Anna- Mom of Jacob and Katharine