Staff Spotlight

Bright Ideas is more than just a place to work. Our team works together and is treated like family. Each member is unique and brings in different experiences and ideas. We are so thankful for our staff! Scroll to read about each month's spotlighted staff member!


April 2021 - Miss Angelica, Toddler Teacher

April’s Staff Spotlight is Angelica. Angelica is a Toddler Turtle teacher at the Camelot Park location. Her fun personality and creative mind help make the toddler room a fun place to be! Together with her co-teachers, she helps create a positive, loving and fun atmosphere for the toddlers in her care. Angelica has a special touch with kiddos and we are so happy to have her on our team! She is a role model to not only the kiddos in her class, but other teachers in the center as well! Her team nominated her. “Angelica has been a great mentor to us all and we can always count on her to answer any question or support us in any way. We love her positive attitude and her creativity. She is great at planning fun projects and having fun with the toddlers. You can always find her singing and dancing and is always upbeat and happy. That makes for a wonderful atmosphere that all rooms should be jealous of! We look up to Angelica. She is an awesome mentor and friend who has taught us so much.” - Tori, Amanda & Jordan (Toddler Turtle team)


March 2021 - Miss Brenda, owner/ director

Our March Staff Spotlight is Miss Brenda! Miss Brenda is the glue that keeps us all together. Without her, we would not have all met each other. She is a wonderful leader and positive influence to anyone who walks through her doors or calls her. She is always willing to help someone out, whether their child is in our care or not. Not only is she our owner/ director, but she is also a wife (31 years!), a mom of 6 and a Mimi of 2 (almost 3!) Brenda has been working with kids for 30 years now. Her leadership skills also come from a military background. Thank you Brenda for providing a fun, safe and loving environment for us to learn, grow and play!

“Thinking back on the past 3 years working at Bright Ideas, one word tends to stick out to me, family. From the very moment I walked through the door, I felt like a part of something bigger than me. Brenda welcomed me with open arms and allowed me to be myself, even if that meant insisting that I was one of her long lost sons (7 kids sounds better than 6 anyway). I’m not sure if I talked it into existence or not but I feel a part of Brenda’s family more than ever. She has always supported me with anything I’ve done both inside and outside the classroom. She has put her love and trust into me to lead the preschool class at Hedges Pond, and I am forever grateful for that. She is always there to listen and talk when myself or anyone needs advice. Honestly at this point in our relationship, Brenda is more family than just a boss to me. From assisting and supporting me to be a better teacher and young man to laughing and joking with me, Brenda is an amazing woman, boss, mother and friend.” -Mr. Connor, Preschool teacher in Cedarville